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10 Compliments for Women that Will Definitely Backfire



Not every attempt to flatter her will work out. Find out how to avoid making her spit with rage when your intention was to have her drool with desire.

No one, not if they’re in their right mind, sets out to alienate a woman whom they are attracted to. It does seem, however, that many men have an unwitting penchant towards doing just that. With a simple slip of a foolish tongue, they can undo hours, weeks, or even months’ worth of solid fawning and flattery. But why exactly is that the case? Why do we men seem unable to give a compliment without occasionally turning it into a devastatingly irreversible insult?

Women are from Venus…

The truth is that men and women do think very differently. And we’re not even talking about this being due to societal reasons, but actual physiological reasons. Women have far better developed communication skills than men do, and they are able to derive and deliver more meaning from a simple conversation. This is where it all goes wrong.

A man can say one thing, intending nothing but a compliment, but the woman perceives a whole second area of interpretation that leads her to rightly or wrongly make her own decision on what it is you mean.

Compliments that men should never give women

The following list provides ten examples of intended compliments, with both the man’s and the woman’s perspective explained. Hopefully, this will lead the less aware of you single guys out there to think a little more carefully in the future about what you say. If not, you may as well sign up for monastic orders at the next available opportunity – because you ain’t getting a sniff!

#1 You look great today.

What you mean: You mean just that. She looks great! You’re seeing her today, in the here and now, and that is the time at which she is looking good.

What she thinks:

“Today? Just today? So, I was so appallingly disgraceful to look at all the other times that you’ve seen me?” Gents, one of the things that you’ll see popping up on this list over and over again is the sin of overkill. If she looks great, then tell her so and leave it at that. Don’t qualify it with anything else that could turn your intended compliment into a deadly insult!

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