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“I Can’t Cook For My Man If I’m the Breadwinner of the Family” – Actress Ronke Oshodi


Nollywood star actress, Ronke Oshodi has set the records straight and opened up her views on marriage, children, career, mistakes and many more in a new exclusive chat.

The actress, who made this comments in new interview with Broadway TV, she didn’t mince words.

The Yoruba actress talked on the cause of failed marriages involving Nigerian celebrities in recent times.

She said that things can’t work out if the responsibilities of a home lies heavily on one person, stating that if she provides for the needs of the family or takes up the role of the breadwinner, then there is no way she’s cooking for any man.

“It’s not because we don’t want to be in our husband’s house or we are not submissive enough. I am going to pay the NEPA bill, if you don’t have. I will do some certain things, if you don’t have.

So, you now come and expect me to cook for you to eat. It’s not going to work. It is just not going to work,”

“If you are the man and you do absolutely everything, that’s when you can have total control over your wife,”

Watch video of the Interview below;

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