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“My Friend, Classic White Was Killed By Her Yahoo Plus Ex Boyfriend, K Money” – Slay Queen Clara Wayne Makes Shocking Allegations (Photos)


My friend, classic white killed by her yahoo plus ex boyfriend, k money slay queen clara wayne mak

So over the weekend, the death of a Nigerian slay queen, Nigerian Slay Queen, identified as Abosede popularly known as Classic White, trended and was blamed on fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo’ boys in Osun State.
Facebook slay queen, classic white dies mysteriously.. her friends mourn and blame yahoo boys”

In case you missed it, the deceased took ill, and after a week of battling the illness, she died.


Her Bestie OG Paparazzi however, had this to say;

I still cant believe that your not with us, i still refuse to listen to my heart, i know you wont be here to read this and i still don’t know why I’m still writing this.

I really wanted to meet you soon after the exams but i never thought I’ll be seeing you the way i saw you today. I just wish life never took this cruel turn on you, life is really unpredictable and today i have seen it. Have so much to talk but you are not here, the one truth that we all have to live with from now on.

Rest in Peace my dear. We’ll cherish every moment that we all spent together as best friends.

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Another Facebook user, Anthonie Vicktor Silvanus Xvi, who shared the story on his Facebook page wrote;

Ppu rise nd ppu fall
She’s gone
I tried my best
Buh dey hate me for d truth
Ilesa Gee una welldone
Dis wee be a lesson to all ladies..
R. I. P



A trending chat which made rounds alleged that she was indeed used for rituals..

See below;
Classic 0 1

Classic 01However, now, according to a Facebook user with the name Clara Wayne, the late osun slay queen, was allegedly used/killed by a Gboy called “Ibitoye Akolade Kmoney” on facebook.

Here is what the yahoo boy posted in December about the late SlayQueen……

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And the death of the Slayqueen really came up in 2018….

Here is what Clara Wayne posted;

This ritualist was a boylover Of late Boss solo my sister from another mother
The ritualist know as Kmoney and Bose Solo have a quarrel base on her flirting wit another man ‍.. Although Kmoney was also a Baller(G boy) He has been threatened her I myself don’t want to interfere in the matter because I no what his capable of doing
Because we all know his doing Yahoo plus..
But we believe he love her daring until he eventually slay her life… Of recently on the jan 18 in Osun state
Although have saw the post on Dec 22 last year… But I ignore but I felt something about him that he not a guy that loves joking
He also mean his words
If he promise you something
His mind won’t be at rest until he purchase it
What a wicked world
Any thing that comes around goes around
You will surely reap what u sow
Her spirit will avenge you
Ibitoye Akorede Kmoney

See below;

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