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“I Believe In Him” – Nigerian Man Says As He Treks From Zaria To Abuja For Atiku


This is definitely deja vu

A young Nigerian man, identified as Kamaludden Bashir, has on Monday started trekking from Zaria to Abuja for Atiku Abubakar to show his support the the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

According to NAN, Bashir, who arrived Kaduna on Tuesday, a day after he left Zaria, told newsmen that he plans to reach Abuja within five days.

He said;

“I am really happy with the victory, that is why I am trekking to Abuja to show him that I am with him 100 per cent.

“Along the way, I will sensitize thousands of youth to join me in the campaign to make Nigeria great under Atiku as president.

“I believe that only him can overcome the problems of unemployment, poverty, insecurity, communal and ethno-religious crisis disturbing the peace and stability of the country.


According to him, he left Kwarbai area of Zaria at 6:30am on Monday after his parents prayed for him.

Bashir believed that Abubakar’s structures all over the country were strong enough to push for his election in February.

“I believe in Atiku, that is why I am trekking in solidarity and praying for him to win the 2019 presidential election.

“I believe he is the best man that can fight corruption and take Nigerian youths to the promised land.”

According to him, he was robbed of his money, food and water along the way, but said the experience would not deter him from continuing with the journey.

Bashir urged Nigerian youths to support the former vice president during the general elections so as to put Nigeria in a better direction.

Bashir isn’t the first to trek for a presidential candidate this year, as a Nigerian man named Isa Mohammed Mukaila trekked from Lagos to Abuja to show how displeased he is with the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

Mukaila told journalists in Lagos that his trek is against the re-election bid of President Buhari.

Man treks from Lagos to Abuja to stop Buhari’s re-election (Vanguard )

Mukaila said the Buhari administration has brought untold suffering and hardship to the masses. He also took on the administration for not fulfilling its 2015 election campaign promises.

Mukaila joins a long list of Nigerians who have taken to trekking for political reasons.

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